Friday, January 18, 2008

Bride's Tree SAL

My stitching recently has been for the Bride's Tree SAL. We are stitching our choice of a house, which represents shelter or protection. This pattern is in the 2003 issue of BH&G Cross Stitch Christmas. It is actually part of a sampler called Peace on Earth. I made some color changes and added a reverse image of the tree to the left side. If you look closely, you can see snow on the branches of the trees and three rows of snow under the house. I use DMC Pearlescent Effects in white for the snow. Please note that the smoke is now coming out of the chimneys!

I love the idea of the Bride's Tree ornaments, but I wanted to add the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. So this is what I came up with:

Something Old -- the tradition of the Bride's Tree ornaments.

Something New -- the fabric is the new

Something Borrowed -- borrow can mean to take something and make it one's own, so I borrowed patterns and made some changes in color and design to make it my own

Something Blue -- in each design I will include the color blue (DMC 930, 931, and/or 932)

I think that I will stitch the back of the ornament with the word "Shelter" , the date, and my initials. I do have a question. How and where do you "sign" your work? Do you stitch your initials or full name? Do you use numbers or letters for the month? Where do you stitch them? I have been trying to make up my mind about this and decided I would like some help.

I am looking forward to Saturday, they are calling for flurries. I love to see snow. We had flurries earlier in the week. There was ground cover but in a few hours it was gone. If it snows I will try to get pictures. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Carolien said...

Your house looks lovely, Teresa. Like the smoke as well!

I would just follow my intuition with name, month etc. What YOU like! (I'm no big help, I suppose ...)

I hope you will have some snow soon. Have a great weekend,


Jennifer said...

That is such a nifty idea! I'd love to post a link to this post on the Bride's Tree SAL under the ideas section, if you don't mind.

Where I sign depends on the piece. I've only recently started signing though - most of my first pieces are unsigned. When I do sign them, I usually sign with 3 initials and the full year (I don't use the month). I pick an inconspicuous place within the design and use one thread of a muted color from the design to stitch over 1 (2 if on linen or evenweave) thread.

For all the framed pieces I do, I write a note on the back and sign it with my full name and the date of presentation. My MIL has a piece hanging in her house that was given to her by a friend. On the back, she handwrote a little note to my MIL, signed and dated it, and it always makes my MIL smile whenever she thinks about it or shows it to anyone.

Nancy said...

I like your house and the smoke.
I don't stitch so I have no idea how best to sign the work.
Hope you get your snow.

Linda said...

Hi Teresa,the house looks great and I like the way you did your trees.
I usually put my initials and just the year on the front of the piece. I like to sign my work someplace where it is not to obvious.
Hope you get a little snow, make for a perfect stitching day. Linda

Cheryl said...

Lovely house!
I dont sign often but when i have its just been my initials and the year.

Carol R said...

I put my initials and the year unless it's a sampler that calls for a full name to be stitched.

Michelle said...

Your SAL looks beautiful! I sign my work with my initials and the year in a place not too obvious.. You said you are stitching the back with a word..maybe put your initials/year there ?? Just a thought!


bj said...

What a lovely house, Teresa. Very beautiful work!!
I am lost about the Bride's Tree SAL....I've not heard of this before.
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hugs, bj

Charlene said...

Did you get flurries? We did, but nothing stuck! Pretty house! I usually sign with three initials and the year near a border in a coordinating color. For these, I had thought of doing the back piece as well.

Nancy said...

There is an award for you on my blog today.

monique said...

Nice house! (I haven't even started mine... that may be one group I'll have to drop-eek) I generally don't sign my work, unless the swap/exchange requires me to.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Darling house, Teresa. I'm still stitching on mine! Got a late start because of buying my PSchooler chart... Deb