Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you for all of your comments. I miss Mom so much, but am so grateful to the Lord that she is no longer in agony.

The following is a letter I wrote to her after she died. God gave me strength to read it at her graveside service.

Dear Mom,

The past three months have been both torture and a blessing. We both endured our own suffering but yet today, we have both survived. You have now made your home in heaven with our Father and I remain to serve the Lord in whatever way he chooses.

Mom, I am so grateful the the Lord for putting us together. I did my best to fulfill the promises I made to you and in doing so I fulfilled the commandment of the Lord to honor you. The hardest part was allowing others to care for you, not out of selfishness, but because I wanted to give back to you everything you had given me. You allowed me to come home from my former life. You gave me unconditional love. I now have the knowledge of how you could be so loving to me when others turned me away. It was because of your love for the Lord and that the Holy Spirit resided in you.

It breaks my heart to no longer hear your voice, but with the silence I know you are at peace. When the silence is broken, it will be my own voice thanking God for the life we shared, for the valuable lessons you taught me, and for giving you to me as my mother.

Mom, you have not been taken from me because you will always and forever be in my heart. My comfort is knowing you live with the One who created you and one day, when God chooses the hour and the minute, I will join you! I will always and forever treasure my memories of you as my mother. It hurts so much to not have you with me, but I am fill with joy when I say you Mom are now my precious sister in Christ who now lives in heaven!

May you all have a blessed day!
Much love,


Carolien said...

Dear Teresa,

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful and loving words with us. Your mother must be so proud of you!

Take care & with love, Carolien

Nancy said...

Dear Teresa:
I am so sorry you lost your Mom, but you are so right, you will always have her in your heart. I'm glad for your faith in knowing she is in a better place now and no longer in pain. Know we will all be thinking of you.

Vonna said...

You Mama was looking down on you from heaven on that day and smiling like the sun in the company of all the saints and angels!
God Bless you Teresa :)

Diva Kreszl said...

God bless you...losing a mother is so hard but you are so lucky to have shared your faith in God together!

Heidi said...

What a bittersweet and beautiful letter to your mother. I am sure that she heard it in the winds of heaven. Thank you for sharing it. I admire your strength in being able to read it at her graveside. I am sure she is very proud of you.

Hugs ~

Linda said...

Dear Teresa, this is a beautiful tribute to your mom, thank you for sharing it. Take comfort knowing your mom is at peace and she will always be with you...may your faith continue to sustain you...hugs, Linda

Hazel said...

Oh Teresa, that is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss. I have been away from blogs for a while and so I am sorry I have not responded sooner. Sending hugs, xx

Anonymous said...

Teresa, How are you doing? I miss seeing you around in blogland, and I hope you're really OK!

Carol R said...

How are you Teresa? I was thinking about you today so thought I'd visit and leave a comment.

Carolien said...

Hi dear Teresa,

Thank you so much for your nice welcome back-words! How sweet of you. I hope you are doing well! Must be hard and strange to live on without mom. How are you, on your new way?
Sorry to hear that your computer doesn't work. I hope you will find a solution for that. A pity you don't live in Holland, then I would send André over immediately to fix it for you. He's really good at it.

Take care, dear Teresa, and greetings and loce from all of us!
Hugs, Carolien