Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have started another blog, Dearest Darling. It contains letters my father wrote to my mother during WWII. I hope one day to have pictures of them on the blog as well. I hope you will enjoy reading the letters.

I have been stitching and knitting. This weekend I will be working in the basement. I am trying to get ready for a yard sale. I can't believe all the "stuff" that has accumulated over the years.

I took two tests to work for the Census Bureau. I passed both, but haven't heard anything about a job. I pray they call me.

Take care


Heidi said...

Oh Teresa! It is just so nice to see a blog entry from you. I really miss you but thought of you all winter. It is your scarf that I wore each day to keep me warm through our wonderful snow this season. I still love it more than you can know. I am glad to hear your tests went well and I hope you hear about a job soon. Are you still working part time at the other job? I must get over to read your other blog...

Hugs from Holland ~

Amy said...

Praying that you here about your job soon.

I will have to get to your other blog. My grandma made quilts and such with the neighbor ladies as she waited to see if her husband, my grandpa, would make it back for WWII. I didn't get the chance to me either.

Have a blessed day.

Linda said...

Teresa...I've been thinking of you and so happy to see your post.

I'm doing a bit of Spring cleaning and plan a garage sale too..not sure when yet. I have way too much stuff and hope to get rid of lots of it....

I must visit your new blog....good seing you...hugs, Linda

Carol R said...

What a lovely idea to post your father's letters to your mother. I look forward to seeing pictures!